Always ready for an adventure.

Every journey can be an adventure with a Glacier Hills VISA® Platinum Credit Card.

Whether you’re headed to the grocery store for a gallon of milk or heading to the airport for an amazing vacation, our card doesn’t take up a lot of space but does come with exciting benefits and exceptional purchasing power.

Glacier Hills VISA® Platinum Card

Our VISA® Platinum Credit Card offers:

Glacier Hills VISA® Platinum Card
Credit limits up to $25,000
No balance transfer fees
No cash advance fees
Overdraft protection for your Glacier Hills checking account
Affordable payments
Skip-a-payment options*

Ready to be ready?

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Part owner. Full benefits.

Join Glacier Hills and you’ll be part owner. You—not outside stockholders—decide how the credit union is run. Plus, you’ll gain access to our great rates, hometown service and network of 5,000+ shared branches and surcharge-free ATMs across the country (perfect for every adventure).

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