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Need a financial safety net? Look no further than your front door. With our Home Equity Line of Credit, immediate cash is always there for you. But you only withdraw funds as you need them, so you only have to make a monthly payment if you have an outstanding balance.

With a rate as low as 2.99% APR* that is locked in for 12 full months, getting your HELOC in place now is just a really smart way to protect yourself financially.

Glacier Hills Home Equity

If you're still pretty much stuck at home, now's the time to take care of some of those DIY projects you've been putting off. You'll have the money for those, too.

With this super flexible line of credit you only take out what you need along the way.

No closing costs and great low rates*
Potential tax-deductible interest check with your tax advisor
Flexible, affordable payments
No prepayment penalties
No appraisal needed*
Withdraw funds when needed

Rather take out a fixed-rate, fixed-term Home Equity Loan instead? We've got you covered there, too.

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If you’d rather speak with one of our team members to get started,
it’s as easy as calling Becky (262-338-2148)
or Leticia (262-438-1109) during our normal business hours.

Part owner. Full benefits.

Join Glacier Hills and you’ll be part owner. You—not outside stockholders—decide how the credit union is run. Plus, you’ll gain access to our great rates, hometown service and network of 5,000+ shared branches and surcharge-free ATMs across the country (perfect for every adventure).

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APR is Annual Percentage Rate, all rates subject to change. Up to 80% Loan-to-Value (LTV). Rate is variable. Additional rates and terms are available. Rate is locked for 12 months, then set at Prime (recently 4.75%) minus 1.00 percentage point rounded to the nearest .25%, or as low as 4.00% APR whichever is higher. Rate subject to change after 12 months from closing date, and thereafter on the last day of each month based on the Wall Street Journal published Prime Rate on the 20th of each month. Maximum Rate 17% APR. Minimum payment is 1.5% of balance as of last advance rounded to the next $100. Minimum credit line is $5,000. Property insurance required, flood insurance may be required. A fee of $85 to $500 may be required. If an appraisal is required an additional charge typically $350 - $425. Owner occupied, Wisconsin only. Members who (i) have an existing Glacier Hills Home Equity Loan/Home Equity LOC or (ii) have had a Glacier Hills Home Equity/Home Equity LOC on the same home in the previous 12 months are not eligible for advertised terms.